You & Me

I`ve been hurt from a thousand miles

By this lovely creature of earth

With some wicked words

Draining from his head`s files …

That even scared the birds.

I couldn`t believe my ears

When listening such

And killing with an arrow

The beauty as much.

I couldn`t believe my eyes

When seeing such arrows

Expelled at sunrise.

I thought the future was light

By a simple confession of love

Climbing the naked truth

From his thought.

… towards a new level of understanding

When you wait in patience

The days of blessings.

Some are too mad to endure fear

And some are too weak

To discover it clear.

I suffered in hell

In telling the truth

But the answer was bad

Crawling in the mud

As to get into the groove.

Oh, but what`s better

Than this relief

Of concluding it all right

As no matter his belief?

On the top of the mountain

I am reaching right now

As to wait for the beloved

To catch me up in the sun.

I`m now more alive at sunrise

On the upper roof

Than I was ever before

On the floor of an uncertain truth.

(©Ana-Lucretia Nedelcu/LiterAnART 2014)


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