The lines you will soon translate in your own way, my dear reader, are minutes of one life, and yet many more, that speak for themselves…here is what we can remember from some existences:

1st of November- Into Slavery

Once upon a time there was a woman struggling to give birth to her child.  After five hours she gave birth to a lovely boy. She fainted right after her struggle and could only see him after a day, being in her power to assist such a pleasant shock. But she was told: ‘Your baby is fine, don’t you worry! He is in a safe place.’ She was screaming wanting her baby in her arms.  The nurses gave her a pill and made an injection to calm her down, so she fell asleep very quickly.  The obsession was clearly significant, that her mind couldn’t get rid of it. She had this nightmare in which her child is violently taken from her arms in the most intimate mother-newly born moment, and transferred to the hands of sick people that raised him in the name of slavery… with an arm cut, an eye taken, begging, pornography and adult sick procedure. That was the life I remember to be mine… taken from her own nightmare…

 (©Ana-Lucretia Nedelcu/LiterAnART)


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