Sweet Summer … in my Kingdom!

My sweet summer,
Remembering the days when you were young
And I was even younger,
Playing around like two kids
With nothing but the colorful playground
And the interminable time
Carrying our bids!

My sweet summer,
How I nestled around you for so long and so dearly
Like in those nights full of laughter and comfy starts
Loving immensely!

My sweet summer,
You were always there for me
While I was myself listening to your fevered poems
Wrapped in a cup of tea!

My sweet summer,
You built the castle around my heart
And you taught me to remain restless
On my endless desires and forgetfulness!

My sweet summer,
You gave me everything
Of what I could not feel with my own heart
And listen with my own sound
While playing around!

My sweet summer,
You brought me the Mediterranean bright light
Into my bones
And filled me with sand and stones!

My sweet summer,
You owned me like the queens
And spoiled me like the kings
In their shiny days of kingdom and wings!

My sweet summer,
I lost you for a year
And you remained doubtful and miserable!
Have I ever told you I loved you and walked away?
Have you ever told me you adored me and I betrayed your trust?

My sweet summer,
But I returned to your finery
And offered you the gift you always wished for!
Here I am back again
And ready for your life core!

Oh, my sweet summer,
But you walked away now
Leaving me in doubt and anger!
And the days are flying like hungry eagles
Carrying my resentment and bitterness
Climbing the mountains,
Hiding of your unpleasant attitude
And now you think it equals!

My sweet summer,
I want to wait for your journey, take it with you
But my days are sunken in hatred and in you!
That`s the truth for you!
I`m in need of starting a new journey
On another summer playground
Where the sand is softer and spontaneous
Full of sound and playfulness!
I can`t be burned by your Sun again!
Over and over and again!

My sweet summer,
I love you!

But play it right or release me
From this unbearable rotten rose
That is still kissing me!

My sweet summer,
`You can`t find peace by avoiding life!`
So leave your trace behind
And live fully covered by the sun
That smiles at you and your fun!
Leave the burn and enjoy the foreshore,
Leave the strategy and become the moment!
Leave revenge and climb some stairs more
Towards your infinite possibility
And shore!
Choose wisely
And don`t keep the prisoner imprisoned
And kindly!

(©Ana-Lucretia Nedelcu/LiterAnART 2014)


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