Lost in that weird moon …

The weirdest thing in life
Was that journey we took hand in hand
Me and my moon … my guide … my pride …
Around the skies, the seas and the mountains
Around the starts, the galaxies and the fountains!
Borders and doubt came from beyond
And we ran like scared kids all along.
Back and forth … with playful roots
And now we know was not `the goods`.
I need not to miss you as a mother
I need not to have you as a father
I need not to call you as a brother
But I need to bond to you as a whole … of these matters
And more …
As lover and friend  …
But are we even friends anymore?
I do not know … as this deception brought even more
Of time petrified on a stone,
Of black and white hearts killed in this storm.
What was the path of your steps?
Who was the figure behind your mask?
And who was that child you used to know?
We are all of these figures and yet none
But we relate to each other
In our hearts no matter if they come!
I do not want to hurt you!
It`s a necessity to be so!
I do not want to hurt you!
But to come myself alive
From my human ego and disguise …
As you do…
And to say to you `wake up!`
From your boundary past
So we can both come clean
From our miserable cast!
Let the water of space wash everything
And let us, as newly-born
Wear the clarity of an untouchable storm!
Fooling around and carve
Inside this bath of skies and stars!
Dear Moon from beyond,
I miss you like hell and so on,
I need you like air for breathing
And I need you like water for growing!
There is no denial
Of my need for your presence!


No addiction involved but only the truth
Is THIS how I feel for the sake of my ruth!
Time is my partner
In this beautiful journey
Where the heart became my queen
And the mind remains phony!

The weirdest thing in life is that

I can clearly hear your calling …

And I cannot say `yes` or `no`

I can only wait for your courage …

On my way through life!

(by LiterAnART Copyright©2015 All rights reserved)



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