Today I`ve looked around …THUNDERSTORM
Underneath and outside … the window
Observing a storm passing
Through the tunnel …
I `ve looked around the velvet mud
In which I remember being dragged
As to cover this living novel
Of both certainty and disbelief.
I`ve fallen loud, bad and clear
Like in the dark picture from your wall
And I couldn`t pull myself
From this beautiful drama
As much painful as elevating.

Don`t ask me why
I hate and I love
The curtains coming off
When the night covers our bodies
In gold and silver stars
Then disappeared in the desert`s dust.

Don`t ask me why
These letters are stepping out
Of my pencil
Over and over again…
It’s incomprehensible as much as
They seem insatiable for you.

Don`t ask me why
These words are writing themselves
Without even me looking
On a blank paper.

Don`t ask me why
I keep seeing the rainbow
Thrown in front of my sight
Bleeding like wild fire
From each and every single verse
Of this sea wave.

There`s a waterfall of creation
Coming out of the tunnel
From which you can hear
The ThunderStorm …
Getting louder and louder.
And my senses are striking like thunder
In the midst of this storm.

Send me a piece of shadow …
Of yourself…
So I can cover myself
In your skin, breath and scent.

(by LiterAnART Copyright©2014 All rights reserved)


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