Where are you, lost word?

I keep missing the rain
That you poured on my sensitive letters
Making them wonder…. about some of the pain…

What would I look for
In your luggage of exhilaration
But lighting letters and ineffable words
Screaming and striving
In the sheets of love, completion and alienation?

I keep messing my own self among skin and sound
Bones and words, fingers and letters…
Looking for your lost word that cannot be found

Where are you?
Are you safe and steady?
Are you eager and joyful?
Are you here and there?
Or just … around and playful?

When have you collapsed over time?
Are you near my blank virgin paper
Or smashed in the middle of novels
That are keep crying like drops of tears

All over your poems?

What are your words,

Dear letter from near?
Are you wrapped up
As a gift for someone dear?

Are you lost in desert moon or in chili seas?
Why are you so far without your letters
Being pushed into their place and overseas?

What`s the temperature out there?
Are your lungs above the shadows?


Answer me like there`s no today
But only this moment with no delay –
How old is the Past?
Are there any castles on your shore
Or it only remained empty bottles
Of endless breathtaking beauty
Taken from clusters?

Are you petrified on a single drop of fire?
Are you a river flowing above and beyond
Like the stars that once shined from your desire?

Answer me with your touch
Blended in this ancient river of… reflection as such.

Dear lost word,
Are you willing to write on your own

Or you let me be still on my own?…
Still your creation machinery and bone?

Instantly, I feel blocked in writing your story…
Do not keep quiet and gory!

Give me the essence of freedom and brilliance
The essence of your prison and significance
The essence of


(Copyright©2015 All rights reserved LiterAnART@World Anthology of English Poetry~Poetry Society of India)

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