AnARTivism Eco-Crafts ~ Ten years diary page seen through a conscious living eye

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by textiles and crafting. Having a family past record in this domain, with a grand grand-mother owning a small clothes factory and a grand-mother skilled in crafting and making clothes for the family members, I probably inherited theP1150282 passion and the talent. Making clothes for dolls when being a kid is natural for every little girl, but what do you do when you find yourself captured by this fashion touch again in your 20s? You just decide to go for it trying to see what comes out. And as a person keen on arts that have a social engaged purpose, I looked at my vision as a thousand miles journey into change.   

I started years ago when I accidentally found some pieces of old clothes in my house that seemed to be forgotten and useless. The idea kicked in and I immediately started to envision the new brand article. It was an old shabby dress that needed life. And that very moment was the start of this journey into the eco-fashion field.

Therefore, the beginnings were focused on clothes and soon some 50 pieces collection was brought to light – dresses became blouses, skirts became bags, belts became necklaces etc. At that moment, my only possible wish was to put them out there and unmask the idea stood behind it. So I did and everything just followed – permanent exhibitions, stage design, festivals and events, fairs and fashion presentations, eco-workshops and debates about sustainable economy, European social entrepreneurship mobility and environmental contests.

In time, accessories and interior d`ECO made room into the picture, and I started to focus more on this part using absolutely everything that would end up as trash. As my aim was always to brought to light a concept and encourage a lifestyle, a lot of people getting in contact with my work, showed interest in looking more attentively into their wardrobes, some started to redo forgotten articles and some were most helpful when bringing me useless materials to give them a second life.
Textile is my main work material, but in time I created articles also from wood, plastic and cardboard. I`d say it is quite a pleasant adventure!P1130942

If I were asked whether I prefer one material to another, I could not choose. What is important for me is the recycling process, getting something new out of the old. And when choosing a creation process, I am anything but conventional, there is no rule, I just see the new frame into the old one.

So, isn`t it something more than just fashion? Of course it is as I already mentioned. It is about making my current clothing last. My whole idea from the very beginning was to build a real concept based on the idea of active citizenship and anti-consumption. My initiative comes from a strict education into consumption awareness and off-grid life experience, a green life (re)searched and applied as much as possible. In this context and with a previous acknowledgement, creativity jut burst into concrete articles.

As we all observe, nowadays, we assist to these times of transition where individuals ought to turn their faces towards sustainability in every field of activity. How can I make the smallest difference in my community by shifting old patterns into new ones? How can I change a mentality?
Proud to be the first in my community taking an initiative as such years ago and looking back to the development of the process, I can`t say it was easy, but certainly pleasant and empowering. It is just a path that you assume to be yours with the responsibility of becoming a collective, work in progress process where people will understand step by step, more and more the idea of being socially engaged and sustain a good cause. This is why, along with my participation to each and every event, I offer free permanent and open recycling workshops, brochures on environmental protection and other related books, and an open ”say it your way’’ book where each individual can freely express in writing their ideas and visions on the subject.

Education has dr1455130_417988604994756_1984754409_nastically shifted its path and is going more and more towards sustainable context and awareness. Parents and teachers are the actors in this process of change for the future generations and the ones creating the proper context.

At global level we are actually witnessing youth sustainable initiatives. And that is amazing! One of them is my personal concept – AnARTivism–zero waste– just mentioned. The inside impulse and the desire for promoting the idea of fabric recycling emerged as a flashlight.

My articles are unique pieces exclusively hand-made. This technique that AnARTivism has chosen to focus on, it represents a tribute brought to this creative work method, to the unconventional and avant-garde fashion style that characterizes the artist in particular.

AnARTivism represents a manifest but it also carries an urge to take action and change the way of thinking from the ordinary and destructive to sustainable and reusable. From this visionary thinking I encourage people to get to new shapes and paradigms that are in favour of the environmental protection as well as are standing against hyper-consumption.

Behind each item`s creation, you can discover the intentional unfinished/raw work method, an expression of interest that characterizes the AnARTivism concept in particular. This visionary thinking and practical application gives to each article the spatiality it needs. It gives you, the observer, the optimal place for ‘’internal and external dialogue’’, a work in progress process that you can freely and always contribute to.

The best tip I can give you is ‘’Pay attention around you! Change for the better is just a step from your eyes!’’

… and my favorite quote – Clothes have more important offices than merely to keep us warm; they change our view of the world and the world’s view of us. – ORLANDO – VIRGINIA WOOLF

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(©Ana-Lucretia Nedelcu/LiterAnART)



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