Vernisaj ,,Flori de Muzica~Cartea pentru Impresii Sonore”

Pentru cine nu a ajuns in pasajul de la Universitate in perioada Festivalului Enescu (20 august-30 septembrie), va invit cu drag in incinta Galeriei SIMEZA , miercuri, 30 septembrie, ora 17/00 (b-dul Magheru, langa Teatrul Nottara), pentru un scurt vernisaj al creatiei Flori de Muzica~Cartea pentru Impresii Sonore.P1170972

Expunerea cǎrţii în incinta Galeriei Simeza reprezintǎ continuitatea mesajului ce-l poartǎ creaţia (reciclarea/protecţia mediului, implicarea activǎ a comunitǎţii în actul cultural ṣi educaţional), o mǎrturie a ceea ce a rǎmas dupǎ expunerea ei în spaţiul urban timp de 20 de zile.
Imaginea actualǎ a acestei cǎrţi gigant reprezintǎ starea societǎţii actuale ṣi perceperea artei contemporane urbane.
Proiect participant în cadrul Festivalului Internaţional George Enescu ~ Bucureṣti Creativ 2015 – artǎ urbanǎ , reprezentând o carte gigant, realizatǎ exclusiv manual, din materiale reciclate (carton, hârtie, textile), pictatǎ manual, deschisǎ publicului spre creaţie literarǎ inspiratǎ din muzica marelui compozitor. Amplasarea ei a fost fǎcutǎ în pasajul de la Universitate în perioada 30 august-20 septembrie 2015.

Te invit sǎ rǎsfoieṣti paginile acestei cǎrţi!

Totodata, vom discuta liber despre arta urbana, proiecte interdisciplinare, educatia ecologica si creativa si protectia mediului, totul  intr-o ambianta placuta, inspirationala.



Poetic Justice

Justice of who?
Justice of me?
Justice of you?
Social justice…
Very common
But wrong.
Justice of the material issues…
But what about
Human justice?
Spiritual justice?
It’s hard to obtain it
In this judgmental world
That we sink in.

Soul as a companion
Of your unfinished drama.
Soul as a saver 1470235_10201780596053129_2042993942_n
From the unfixable tragedy.
Soul as your imagination,
Your innovation,
Your creativity.
Soul as an endless friend
Always ready for you.
Are you ready
For a poetic justice?

(Copyright©2015 All rights reserved LiterAnART@World Anthology of English Poetry~Poetry Society of India)


(English bellow)

In cadrul Festivalului International George Enescu 2015 si a proiectului artistic ”Bucurestiul Creativ”, am participat cu creatia ”Flori de Muzica ~Impresii sonore” – cartea gigant realizata exclusiv din materiale reciclate deschisa catre public in pasajul de la Universitate (Bucuresti) pentru libera exprimare literara vis-a-vis de muzica marelui compozitor. Tot in cadrul acestui eveniment, am creat si coordonat un atelier interdisciplinar ”Litera pe Ritm” ~ miscare si scriere creativa la Carturesti Verona (Bucuresti).

Miṣcarea ṣi Scrierea Creativǎ sunt exerciţii care ne activeazǎ emisfera dreaptǎ a creierului, responsabilǎ de potenţialul nostru creator, imaginaţia ṣi inovaţia. Este extrem de important ca aceastǎ parte a creierului nostru sǎ fie pe deplin exploatatǎ, deoarece ne dezvaluie noi abilitǎţi, talente ṣi ne conṣtientizeazǎ emoţii pe care le putem folosi constructiv în activitatea noastrǎ de zi cu zi.


Creative eco-project and creative movement & literary workshop during the International George Enescu Festival ~ Bucharest Romania 2015

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To Do

Your fine tune…I miss it
In the night`s silence
When my dreams are collapsing
Over yours.
When your weird wild scent
Suffocates me
In timeless pleasure.
When I tell you
You need to build up
Your endurance
In the face of my fiery passion.
When I throw gas P1180206
To a grease and most red fire
In which we both burn
Underneath the savage moon.
When I`m unable to settle
To just one piece of you
But I will want
To entirely dominate you
With my unbridled desire and fire.
When I tend to consume you
Like rain wasting the waters.
When I intent to get lost…in you
And lead you again and again…
To become immortally lost in me.
When I grab your skin too close
So I can write on it
In the light of full moon
And watery clouds,
Pull you close, imprison you
And make you beg from your chains
To be released.
When you have to obey
To my kingdom`s rules
And to what I demand
In hot stars…stories told and done.
When you have to toast yourself
And send me the feast
To my bed
So I can reply with dessert
Written in fairy books
And glamorous sunshine.
When you are ordered
To give privilege to my letters,
Count your pieces
And send me your broken parts
So I can begin refreshing you
In new item of my desire,
Of love affairs,
To send them to brilliant storytellers.
And when I rebuild you from scratch
Frame you and send you
To your galactic address,
You can finally receive yourself
As I always imagined you
In my eye`s brain
And in your desire.
So now, send me back
Your greatest gift of all…
Your heart pulled with an arrow
Directly to my chest!
Sing me the thunder`s tune
Seen from so far,
Bring it to my center
And give it a new careful, emotional
Madness beat!

Send me your fine tune
And encrypt it close to my ear,
So I can endlessly hear
Your music, your beat…
Close to my eyes,
So I can draw
Your breathtaking figure…
Close to my skin,
So I can feel
The soft silk of your touch,
The magic of your first hand touch,
The blossom of eternity
And you…being all to myself.

(Copyright©September 2015 All rights reserved by LiterAnART@

Poem from a Portrait (dedicated to spiritual Masters)


I have dedicated my time
reading your letters
from ancient history,
exploring their wisdom.
I read you like a top list Guru
with all the magical sound
of the words and meaningful scent.
I drowned myself
in several perceptions
of who you are
and who you want to become.
And some…
are my letters,
my characters,
my figures…
Seems like you dressed up with me
and you haven’t even asked…
for my outfit to try,
for my favorite colors,
for my measures…
You are wearing me
in your stories
just like your thoughts
gather in your daily living,
just like your feelings
mingle in your tireless brush…

Who would have thought?

You are wearing me
at royal court
just like an outfit of glamour
…with a purpose…
And me…I`m all dressed up
in your foundation,
your shades,
your poetry of wisdom…
And always have been…
Each morning
I radiate your perfume
to my ear,
any outfit of my desire
has your size.
I believe I finally found
my favorite label:
your name spelled on my heart,
your texture stained on my skin,
your color glued to my textile…
I took permission
to wear you out:
the more I wear you
the more you become new
It`s like you knew…
You are recyclable to my passion,
to my own will
I can always make new item out of you
Will you be transparent or consistent?
Get transparent to my intimacy
and consistent to my dreams
Keep me fresh when I get exhausted
and keep me warm when I get chilly!
Wear me out too
like we`re an outfit of glamour!
Become one with me
and catwalk with me
in bright light,
glamorous stages,
crowded streets…
in eternity and beyond.
Will you wear me everyday?
Recycle me with special technology?
Get sophisticated and yet simple?
Find my style that matches perfectly
with yours
with who we are…ourselves.

This morning, before leaving,
why haven`t you told me
that you are going to wear me?
I could have added extra perfume
to your charm…

(Copyright©September 2015 All rights reserved LiterAnART@publishinghouseK&K)