Poem from a Portrait (dedicated to spiritual Masters)


I have dedicated my time
reading your letters
from ancient history,
exploring their wisdom.
I read you like a top list Guru
with all the magical sound
of the words and meaningful scent.
I drowned myself
in several perceptions
of who you are
and who you want to become.
And some…
are my letters,
my characters,
my figures…
Seems like you dressed up with me
and you haven’t even asked…
for my outfit to try,
for my favorite colors,
for my measures…
You are wearing me
in your stories
just like your thoughts
gather in your daily living,
just like your feelings
mingle in your tireless brush…

Who would have thought?

You are wearing me
at royal court
just like an outfit of glamour
…with a purpose…
And me…I`m all dressed up
in your foundation,
your shades,
your poetry of wisdom…
And always have been…
Each morning
I radiate your perfume
to my ear,
any outfit of my desire
has your size.
I believe I finally found
my favorite label:
your name spelled on my heart,
your texture stained on my skin,
your color glued to my textile…
I took permission
to wear you out:
the more I wear you
the more you become new
It`s like you knew…
You are recyclable to my passion,
to my own will
I can always make new item out of you
Will you be transparent or consistent?
Get transparent to my intimacy
and consistent to my dreams
Keep me fresh when I get exhausted
and keep me warm when I get chilly!
Wear me out too
like we`re an outfit of glamour!
Become one with me
and catwalk with me
in bright light,
glamorous stages,
crowded streets…
in eternity and beyond.
Will you wear me everyday?
Recycle me with special technology?
Get sophisticated and yet simple?
Find my style that matches perfectly
with yours
with who we are…ourselves.

This morning, before leaving,
why haven`t you told me
that you are going to wear me?
I could have added extra perfume
to your charm…

(Copyright©September 2015 All rights reserved LiterAnART@publishinghouseK&K)


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