Image REtreat

smile to my childish sad eyes
breath to my heavy soul
go slowly
while reading me a story
of our own…
remember my presence
in all of your steps
I love you for real
no matter the gaps…
I`m lying next to a book
that`s shelter to my head
it`s what I call YOU
in all of the verses instead
don`t ever leave me behind
if you carry love to my existence
care me in silence
don`t ever play resistance…

12187845_10205587609674966_2125632170798543343_n over and over I write about you
to my universe that is ”you”
don`t even know
if I`m still dreaming
if you are real and me
if I`m leading
this story where it belongs
tell me, darling, am I really crazy
is my imagination wrong?
tell me the truth,
do not leave me in despair
for you are my man,
my love, my affair…
smile at me right,
breath all my air
go slowly to my chest
and cherish me fair

(LiterAnART/06-11-2015©All rights reserved)


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