Intre 3 Februarie si 30 Martie, la Univ. British Columbia din Canada, are loc extraordinara expozitie internationala de poezie pe tema Drepturilor Omului si a Pacii, organizata de catre Societatea Poetilor din Canada si International.
Sunt onorata, pe de o parte, sa reprezint aceasta institutie in Romania si pe de alta parte, sa am cateva piese literare pe tema data, expuse in cadrul acestei expozitii mondiale!

Iata una dintre poeziile participante dedicata celor 17 Obiective Globale pentru Dezvoltare Durabila. Detalii aici


Poem dedicated to the 17 SDGs- Global Goals for Sustainable Development, participant during the World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Exhibition – February 3rd -March 30th, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia, Canada


I struggle to live in peaceP1190815

But where?

In a world that lives under war…?

…bring peace along once more!

Together with this world initiative

In sustaining the goals…

I find the world

Is neglecting its peace

Justice can`t be find anywhere…

anymore…and take this…

World peace zone

Do not cross this stone

Into defense

Of what could be

An expense

Of your life and romance.

Be patient and committed

To Nature`s peace and freedom

In autumn`s mourn

The leaves are falling

Here and there

Are claiming prayer…

Poise and powerful voice

For youth around the world

Education for all

In SDGs alone

Education is the key

For all humans and for thee…

Justice and health

Environment and wealth

Climate action

Be aware of the sun gaze

Over there!

Climate and food

All for the good

Of our dignity and love…

Empowerment and truth

Human rights

Let`s claim them right

For they are ours

And obviously …right…

Poverty must disappear

We`re all equal each year

Hunger isn`t right for children

We must offer them

A healthy ridden.

A reachable world

With energy for all

Animals, crops and…a goal

To achieve a dignifying work

And not feel stuck

Like in a fork…

Sustainable cities we claim

With breathable air…let`s say…

Recyclable world and humans the same

Over-consumption we fight against

Instead we fight for

Artisans of the world

Craftsmen and beauty

To splendor the orchards

In ashes remained

After a whirlwind of pollution

And detained under the chains

Of quotable misery

And grey buildings

Fallen in inquiry…

Tranquility no wars

Let`s stand above

The horrors of history

Call for amnesty…!

Redefining the present

As newly born deer

In the midst of the forest…

Sustain the SDGs

For a new world to shape

Each and every gesture

Takes you to a new dimension…

Fuel the world with dignity

Embraced in colorful equity

Be aware, global fair!

©LiterAnART 2015


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