Empire State of You

Days aren`t enoughpoem no. 2

For the amount of love

Poured from the sky,

Bathing my body in emeralds

And red stars…

Color of passion.

Crowns of fire

Open the gates of unwounded souls…

Can`t you see the amount

Of love I have been preparing

For decades at camp fire

Under full moon,

On the road of the existence?

You beg for love

But you are running away from it.

You are eternally hiding under your shell.

You can`t break the stone

If you do not build a door…

So, build a door and unlock the cave

Of an eternal ‘’coeur’’!

Can`t you feel how much I love you?

Poetry hidden behind closed windows…

Do you want me to draw you the lock

And spell fire

So it can melt?

Do you want to feel the burning

Of king`s thrown?

I miss you day and night

Where days are too short

For this amount of desire

And nights are even shorter

Without the touch

Of your Empire.

©LiterAnART@trio http://ourpoetryarchive.blogspot.ro/2016/03/ana-nedelcu.html


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