STOP CHILD ABUSE! (peace poem)


all over the world

and over the hills

Stop child abuse!

over the seas

and over the oceans

children are crying in moments

they feel restraint

from their happiness

can`t you see them faint?

they are begging for peace

in every house

a child is abused

by adulthood…

where is the truth

and where does it lie this fuse

of peace and harmony

for all of the mankind

…Stop child abuse!

and pray for the truth

to come out from the darkness

let there be no loneliness

over the minds of the child…

Stop child abuse!

teach them to be happy

to follow the joys of this life

even if you, grownups

can`t see the light…anymore

at the end of the tunnel…

children feel everything

…abuse is not only physical

it`s also mentally exhausting

it`s also emotionally draining…

Stop child abuse!

search for some peace

find it somewhere in the leafs

that are hanging from the branches

for only nature can save us

from these fences…we built

can`t you see the guilt?

Stop child abuse!

and start making use

of the celebration of life

a child is entitled to light

encourage him to move on

follow the heart and the soul

of its own…

Stop child abuse!

children need caring

tender words and blessings

no pain and no more!!…

because you risk them to carry on

all of the sorrows

and blame themselves

for all that it follows

and hurt themselves…

cursed is to be a child??

give me a reason

for why your frustration

is to be carried out

by a poor child from any nation?…

send yourself to war

but let children alone!

©copyright all rights reserved by LiterAnART-15/06/2016

(from the series of poems4peace published in worldwide anthologies ~ peace/anti-terror/anti-discrimintion/anti-racism/human rights)


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