AnARTivism ~ unul dintre cele 5 branduri “slow fashion” din Romania


De la debutul indraznet din 2005 cu prima expozitie intr-un foaier de teatru si prima prezentare de moda din materiale reciclate din Romania (2006), trecand prin proiecte scenografice, targuri, ateliere, articole nationale si internationale, politici de mediu si economie sustenabila, d`ECOr avangardist, sesiuni foto si arta transdisciplinara, sfarsind pana de curand in cadrul festivalului Enescu 2015, AnARTivism a devenit printre putinele brand-uri de “slow fashion” din Romania. AnARTivism promoveaza arta vestimentara unicat din materiale reciclate, insa, in esenta, in spatele lui se afla promovarea unui intreg stil de viata sustenabil.

2016 vine cu o serie de articole marca Grenn Report ce ne vorbeste despre cele 5 branduri din Romania care promoveaza si practica “slow fashion”.

Iata cele 3 articole aparute pana in prezent. Stati pe receptie pentru urmatoarele!




Amazing dance
of origins…
Thousands of people are stepping over the joyful road stones.
Thousands of civilizations exist in each blade of grass.
All are passionate and full with heavy history, omniscient and profound…
Look how many people on the mind- roads!
Look how many people on the water course as well!
So many people inside one soul…so many infinite civilizations on one road…
A road of fire and water, of land and air.
A road of flames and fish, of rocks and rain.

A road of this world…

(©LiterAnART/03-11-2015@World Poetry Peace & Human Rights Exhibition in Canada 2016)

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What`s the word

To define the world?

Gravity, complexity,

Commitment, empowerment…

The world needs us as humans

Better said, not fuels

For discrimination

Racism… what is a Nation?

United we all claim to be

As we are all humans

Just let it be…

Like this…human kind

With rights and characters,

Dreamers and believers

On a better planet…

Racism we disclaim

Let us refrain

What a human right is

Respect and belief

That we all come together

In peace and relief.



12472838_768196379982559_10586734720467622_ndestruction ahead
why can`t we be fed
with more of the truth
justice and again…the roof
above our heads
to remain certain…
and discharge ourselves
from the war…
let the nature alone!
animals and air
are all in despair
trees and the waters
are sunk in “it`s not fair!”

people and colors

let them unite

in no racism but rainbows

wow, what an amazing sight!

can`t you notice the tears
of human kind
and its fears?



12472556_776826719119525_1189418134671838016_nThe leaders are fighters
Are dreamers of their existence
Their boundaries are real
To their voice and passion…
Their boundaries are real
To their creativity and inspiration
For others…

The leaders are fighters
Are dreamers of their existence
In a way that only the Universe
Can conquer their empowerment…
And rely on their commitment.



What is a race?

…a color, a straw

A body and face

Put together in a raw, beautiful form

The human body and its thorn…

Together in petals built

aren`t we all filled…?

Like roses in a school yard

Where children grow

And are being discharged

Of adult resentments…

And a conscious lack in favors…

For its own good

And humanity`s food

…for thought…

What is a race

If not a human face?

(© LiterAnART-08/06/2016@


there`s nothing so vivid10313811_730389933763204_3434871750683233498_n
than our different hues…
emerged in sky`s storms
in the break of the day
and in sun settings…
in the bluest light
or in the most brilliant fire ball…
oh, darling of all darlings,
we are such different individuals
…and that`s why it`s so exceptional…
we are able to complete each other
like the key to the lock…
in such a unique
and evolutionary way…
would you accept this challenge?
`cause this love
can only be consumed
in completion…
taken from a black and white movie…

(© LiterAnART-10/01/2016@

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