there`s nothing so vivid10313811_730389933763204_3434871750683233498_n
than our different hues…
emerged in sky`s storms
in the break of the day
and in sun settings…
in the bluest light
or in the most brilliant fire ball…
oh, darling of all darlings,
we are such different individuals
…and that`s why it`s so exceptional…
we are able to complete each other
like the key to the lock…
in such a unique
and evolutionary way…
would you accept this challenge?
`cause this love
can only be consumed
in completion…
taken from a black and white movie…

(© LiterAnART-10/01/2016@http://poetryagainstracism.blogspot.ro/2016/07/ana-lucretia-nedelcu.html)


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