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(English bellow)

In 2016 am avut onoarea de a aparea in doua antologii literare internationale din SUA – “Voices of the World” si “Why Poetry matters”.
Pentru pasionatii de lirica in limba engleza adunata din toate colturile lumii, puteti comanda cartile (ebook sau print) urmand linkurile de mai jos.
Lectura placuta!
In 2016, I had the honor to be part of two international anthologies – “Voices of the World” (edited by the wonderful US Lena Kavadlo) & “Why Poetry matters” (by the great US Realistic Poetry International).
If you are pasionate about literature gathered from all over the world, you are invited to aquire these wonderful poetry books (ebook or print) by following the links:
Have a happy reading and a Happy New Year!

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