Time-Roads petrified on a grain of sand

I have given free course

To a cosmic announcement,

In order to find a willing partner

With whom I can explore the sand grain.

Sooner I make my own

Mental and spiritual luggage,

And I try to follow the time steps…

I try to walk along time…

I try to follow Nature…

I got no journey partner,

So that in the end I ask time to accompany me.

I am now starting to feel the hot sand

Under my soles

That are keep uttering shrills

Of positive trance.

I continue my journey,

Following my steps,

Discovering fresh savage creepers,

And keeping my patience.

My eyes are contemplating

Paradise views:

Talkative trees,

Melodious verdures,

Rocks with big profound eyes,

And sea with cloud- foams.

Time is near me and I dare to ask it:

How much time do I have to travel?

How many places do I have to explore?

How much time do I have…?

But time says nothing at all,

‘cause it doesn’t truly exist.

I hear voices that keep whispering me

About the eternal everything,

About the retiring time,

About this immortal

Piece of Universe.

Here I am allowed to explore everything…

The sand is burning my skin

Inside the endless happy whirl.

I share thoughts

With every gold grain of sand,

While the sun is covering me in tan,

And the sea is cooling me with drops.

I meet Paradise in its entire beauty.

U can hardly ever integrate it

As so unseen…

So untouchable…

So bewildered…

Stop and admire the fineness!

The tremendous arch of vibes!

…and watch me…!

Can you observe the pale of my shadow?


A soul lost in the woods

And found last night

In odd collapsed leaves

And stone-still house clusters

Adorned in colours and moon flames…

Freedom of eternity and

Open roads awaiting…

…in petrified  grains of sand…

©LiterAnART@Nature 2015 International Literary Anthology – see@https://issuu.com/ananedelcu8/docs/nature_2015_-_international_literar



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