Walk with me
Into the house of love…

From your heartbeat I rise
Into a sea of brilliant flowers…undisguised.
Discovering this wonderful story
Of such amazing love
A bond formed
From the cosmic dew
In a morning of enchantment…

I`m not a traveler
In search for passion anymore
`cause our passion
Has been fully generated
By the drum in your chest
And in mine…
That`s no mistake
That we live
On this rhythm
Of the Divine.

Do not be afraid
Of our love rising though,
Ending, than rising again and again…
Within this dimension
We are all the instruments
Of the Universe`s extension.

Walk with me
Into the house of love…

Where all the jewels are found
…for me, you are one of them…
`cause my heart always sings
In your presence
Giving birth to a new life
While our souls and bodies
Write stories of a shrine.

Please, do not keep me waiting
Not a minute longer
Into this hunger
For a love affair!
The Almighty Love…
Simply found
Within the innocence
Of your smile and sound…

Love has no agenda,
Love has no map.
It`s just as it is:

Walk with me
Into the house of love…

Take my heart
And come to life…
…Into my own…
Erase our deepest longings,
Offer me all of your heart too
`cause that`s no greater pleasure
Than in giving and receiving back
That sweet dew of the universe…
We act as if a wolf pack.

A beating heart
Is like a perfect musical instrument:
It plays the sound of truth.
The human drum…
Can create
The most inexplicable realities.
Full of wealth,
And power.

Walk with me
Into the house of love…





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