Viata configurata prin R.E.S.P.E.C.T./Life designed with R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


In perioada 13-17 iulie 2017 a avut loc la Piatra Neamt, aniversarea a 10 ani de existenta UNIFERO – Uniunea Internationala a Femeilor Romane. Tematica conferintei a fost “Viata configurata prin R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” – Recunoasterea, Educatia, Sustinerea, Promovarea si Evaluarea Creativa a Talentelor Femeilor. Un eveniment plin de activitati: lansari de carte, prezentari proiecte, concursuri si excursii.
Editia de anul acesta mi-a adus surprize extraordinare pentru care multumesc colectivului organizatoric:

  • o diploma de excelenta pentru implicarea si promovarea continua a femeP1260132ilor de toate varstele;
  • un loc III la concursul de creatie literara “Diamante Spirituale” la care am contribuit cu proza-jurnal intitulata “Repetiţii şi exerciţii de limbaj…”
  • publicarea romanului III din seria “policier” al doamnei fondator UNIFERO Smaranda Livescu la care am contribuit cu un cuvant introductiv;
  • am avut onoarea de a prezenta cele 3 antologii literare pe care le-am coordonat in ultimii 3 ani: “Voci feminine”, “Cuplul, in cautarea paradisului pierdut” si “Jurnal de calatorie”;
  • de asemenea, am sustinut un atelier de creatie literara bilingv ro-en cu titlul “Puzzle like” (avand in vedere participarea membrilor UNIFERO din strainatate)
  • nu in ultimul rand, am fost desemnata in board-ul director pentru a reprezenta UNIFERO, alaturi de alte distinse doamne, la sectorul “Educatie si Cultura”.

Multumesc tuturor celor care au participat la atelier si ii felicit pentru creatiile din cadrul exercitiului!
Multumesc pentru recunoasterea activitatii in domeniul educatiei si literaturii!

Alaturi de mine in fotografii: D-na Smaranda Livescu – fondatoare si presedinta UNIFERO si d-na psiholog Ema Petrescu – premiata deopotriva la UNIFERO pentru activitatea educationala si literara, impreuna cu care am reprezentat Prahova in cadrul acestui eveniment.

Between July 13th & 17th – Piatra Neamt, I took part in the 10th anniversary of UNIFERO – The International Union of Romanian Women. The theme of the conference was “Life designed with R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” – Recognition, Education, Support, Promotion and Evaluation of Women’s Talents. The event contained: book launches, project presentations, contests and cultural trips.
This year’s edition brought me a series of extraordinary surprises for which I kindly thank the orgaP1260301nisational team:

  • a Diploma of Excellence for continuous involvement in activities and promotion concerning women of all ages;
  • a 3rd place at the literary creation contest “Spiritual diamonds” to which I contributed with the prose entitled “Repetitions and language exercises …”;
  • the publication of the 3rd novel from the “policier” writing series written by the UNIFERO founder Smaranda Livescu, to which I contributed with an introductory word;
  • I had the honor to present the 3 literary anthologies I have coordinated over the past 3 years: “Feminine Voices”, “Couple, looking for lost Paradise” and “Travel Diary”;
  • I also held a bilingual Creative Writing workshop (ro-en) entitled “Puzzle like” (considering the participation of UNIFERO members from abroad)
  • last but not least, I was appointed on the board to represent UNIFERO, alongside other distinguished ladies, in the “Education and Culture” sector.
    Thanks to all those who participated in the workshop and I congratulate you for the literary outcomes!
    Thank you for the recognition for my personal involvement in the educational and literary fields!
    Along with me in the photos: Mrs. Smaranda Livescu – UNIFERO founder and president and Mrs. Ema Petrescu (psychologist) – also awarded at UNIFERO for her educational and literary activity.


Creative Writing 10

(English bellow)

Daca doamnele mele de la curs deja au fost premiate, vine si certificarea pentru trainer
Multumesc World Poetry Canada & International pentru acest premiu si pentru onoarea de a-i reprezenta in Romania!
@ Anticaffe de Scriere Creativa 10 (Aprilie-Noiembrie 2016) ~ incursiune in scrierea creativa in 10 cursuri – de ce, ce si cum scriem?
Urmeaza manualul la care lucram deja asiduu


My certificate for Creative Writing 10 – a ten series workshop on why, what and how to write in different areas – poetry, prose, script, journalism.

Thank you World Poetry Canada & International for being a great partner! I am honored to represent them in Romania!

Creative writing 10 will publish this year a great writing manual, which is now a work in progress.




again and again…
I come back to that stunning picture
of you in all of your glory…
it`s like a page from your secret diary
a page offered to me as a gift…
the red spot thrills my senses
wakes them up
and sends them in the atmosphere
where my love resides
all over the universe
embracing you from afar…
the figure…the colors…the portrait…
the act of releasing passion over
the canvases of your inspiration…
all of that makes me jump over the hills
and gather you piece by piece
stamp you to my skin
and walk with you
all over the crowded streets…
the breath of my cheek on your back
the surprise…the embrace…the enjoyment…
everything and more
coming back from a memory lane
where only you exist…you
my one and only adorable man…
let me pour letters between your hairs
like petals of roses collected
at the core of my being
and offered to you
as a gift for your existence…
your presence into my life…
the divine…the magic…the bliss…


Childhood spell

Each and every single day

I get out…in the savage drum of green

…I carry my enthusiasm in.

The way you hide, my dear landscape,

like a thunder before the clouds

Reminds me of childhood games,

Playful energy

of tormented kids

and eclectic flames.

Flowers offered in sunlight,

Orchards despaired above rain

We were both children

My dear Nature,

Hidden under the blankets of pain.

Laughter and journeys

We experienced on the edge

Of insanity and dreams

Just like fools lost in old branch.

As romantic lovers` fairy-tale

Playing around the sun

and the stars at night

Absorbing the letters of joy and freedom

In each and every single cell

That formed our wonderful childhood spell.

©LiterAnART@Nature 2015 International Literary Anthology – see@


Time-Roads petrified on a grain of sand

I have given free course

To a cosmic announcement,

In order to find a willing partner

With whom I can explore the sand grain.

Sooner I make my own

Mental and spiritual luggage,

And I try to follow the time steps…

I try to walk along time…

I try to follow Nature…

I got no journey partner,

So that in the end I ask time to accompany me.

I am now starting to feel the hot sand

Under my soles

That are keep uttering shrills

Of positive trance.

I continue my journey,

Following my steps,

Discovering fresh savage creepers,

And keeping my patience.

My eyes are contemplating

Paradise views:

Talkative trees,

Melodious verdures,

Rocks with big profound eyes,

And sea with cloud- foams.

Time is near me and I dare to ask it:

How much time do I have to travel?

How many places do I have to explore?

How much time do I have…?

But time says nothing at all,

‘cause it doesn’t truly exist.

I hear voices that keep whispering me

About the eternal everything,

About the retiring time,

About this immortal

Piece of Universe.

Here I am allowed to explore everything…

The sand is burning my skin

Inside the endless happy whirl.

I share thoughts

With every gold grain of sand,

While the sun is covering me in tan,

And the sea is cooling me with drops.

I meet Paradise in its entire beauty.

U can hardly ever integrate it

As so unseen…

So untouchable…

So bewildered…

Stop and admire the fineness!

The tremendous arch of vibes!

…and watch me…!

Can you observe the pale of my shadow?


A soul lost in the woods

And found last night

In odd collapsed leaves

And stone-still house clusters

Adorned in colours and moon flames…

Freedom of eternity and

Open roads awaiting…

…in petrified  grains of sand…

©LiterAnART@Nature 2015 International Literary Anthology – see@



Amazing dance
of origins…
Thousands of people are stepping over the joyful road stones.
Thousands of civilizations exist in each blade of grass.
All are passionate and full with heavy history, omniscient and profound…
Look how many people on the mind- roads!
Look how many people on the water course as well!
So many people inside one soul…so many infinite civilizations on one road…
A road of fire and water, of land and air.
A road of flames and fish, of rocks and rain.

A road of this world…

(©LiterAnART/03-11-2015@World Poetry Peace & Human Rights Exhibition in Canada 2016)

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What`s the word

To define the world?

Gravity, complexity,

Commitment, empowerment…

The world needs us as humans

Better said, not fuels

For discrimination

Racism… what is a Nation?

United we all claim to be

As we are all humans

Just let it be…

Like this…human kind

With rights and characters,

Dreamers and believers

On a better planet…

Racism we disclaim

Let us refrain

What a human right is

Respect and belief

That we all come together

In peace and relief.


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