MUSEI adore you
In all your stage roles –
Family treasure
Intimate lover
Friend indeed
Romantic creature
Pretentious Master
Foolish beloved
Wise writer
Rebellious singer
Passionate artist
Wild forest
Enchanting explorer

Your roles posses my being
They climb my curves
They vanish my doubts
They cloud my sorrows
They celebrate my existence
I` m possessed
by the power of art itself
my art…my muse
by the power of flow
by the glow of energy
by an enchanting figure
…my muse and her stage performances…
She is writing my verses
Crafting my adorns
Drawing my paper abstracts

I found my muse at distance
And yet…so close
To my soul
I found my muse…it`s you!

(LiterAnART/08-11-2015©All rights reserved)


To Do

Your fine tune…I miss it
In the night`s silence
When my dreams are collapsing
Over yours.
When your weird wild scent
Suffocates me
In timeless pleasure.
When I tell you
You need to build up
Your endurance
In the face of my fiery passion.
When I throw gas P1180206
To a grease and most red fire
In which we both burn
Underneath the savage moon.
When I`m unable to settle
To just one piece of you
But I will want
To entirely dominate you
With my unbridled desire and fire.
When I tend to consume you
Like rain wasting the waters.
When I intent to get lost…in you
And lead you again and again…
To become immortally lost in me.
When I grab your skin too close
So I can write on it
In the light of full moon
And watery clouds,
Pull you close, imprison you
And make you beg from your chains
To be released.
When you have to obey
To my kingdom`s rules
And to what I demand
In hot stars…stories told and done.
When you have to toast yourself
And send me the feast
To my bed
So I can reply with dessert
Written in fairy books
And glamorous sunshine.
When you are ordered
To give privilege to my letters,
Count your pieces
And send me your broken parts
So I can begin refreshing you
In new item of my desire,
Of love affairs,
To send them to brilliant storytellers.
And when I rebuild you from scratch
Frame you and send you
To your galactic address,
You can finally receive yourself
As I always imagined you
In my eye`s brain
And in your desire.
So now, send me back
Your greatest gift of all…
Your heart pulled with an arrow
Directly to my chest!
Sing me the thunder`s tune
Seen from so far,
Bring it to my center
And give it a new careful, emotional
Madness beat!

Send me your fine tune
And encrypt it close to my ear,
So I can endlessly hear
Your music, your beat…
Close to my eyes,
So I can draw
Your breathtaking figure…
Close to my skin,
So I can feel
The soft silk of your touch,
The magic of your first hand touch,
The blossom of eternity
And you…being all to myself.

(Copyright©September 2015 All rights reserved by LiterAnART@

In between…

In between my creative days…P1170137
I found your Heart
In a bowl full of fine jewels.
Its light blinded my sight…
You probably sent it
In a bird`s beak
As a replacer
Of that juicy flesh
That covers your bones.
This Heart
Was blindly sparkling
In the shiny light
Of the Sun,
Calling me like Black poetry
Addicted to White paper.
I studied its pulse
By holding it in my palm…
It seemed alive and safe.

I took your Heart
And handled it with care
When neighboring it
Close to my chest…
Where it beat harder and harder
Accompanied by the sound
Of my being,
Hoping that…
As closer as it got,
The better for the Symphony

(by LiterAnART Copyright©2015 All rights reserved)

At the core of your being

Last night
I slept in the Danube`s belly…
The waves were ticklish
Like the touch of your hand on my melted skin.
The rocking gait of my ship was reflecting my being
In the mirror of an untouchable dreamland
Full of echoes put down from wish…
For your presence…
I felt like at the entrances of your being
Where I reside in safety and comfort
Where the journey and the harbor
Are co-existing in the same place…Home!

(©LiterAnART 2015)



522434_10200358006089269_1373646318_nAre you for real?

Do you exist with your feet
Touching the grounds?
With your hands
Touching the soils?

Are you for real?

Emerging at dawn
And closing at sunset?
Sleeping under the moon
And singing under morning`s dew?

Who R U?
Are you for real?

Are you a fire consumed
By daydreaming
Or a shadow collapsing
Over the chilly nights?

What R U?

(©LiterAnART 2015)


Today I`ve looked around …THUNDERSTORM
Underneath and outside … the window
Observing a storm passing
Through the tunnel …
I `ve looked around the velvet mud
In which I remember being dragged
As to cover this living novel
Of both certainty and disbelief.
I`ve fallen loud, bad and clear
Like in the dark picture from your wall
And I couldn`t pull myself
From this beautiful drama
As much painful as elevating.

Don`t ask me why
I hate and I love
The curtains coming off
When the night covers our bodies
In gold and silver stars
Then disappeared in the desert`s dust.

Don`t ask me why
These letters are stepping out
Of my pencil
Over and over again…
It’s incomprehensible as much as
They seem insatiable for you.

Don`t ask me why
These words are writing themselves
Without even me looking
On a blank paper.

Don`t ask me why
I keep seeing the rainbow
Thrown in front of my sight
Bleeding like wild fire
From each and every single verse
Of this sea wave.

There`s a waterfall of creation
Coming out of the tunnel
From which you can hear
The ThunderStorm …
Getting louder and louder.
And my senses are striking like thunder
In the midst of this storm.

Send me a piece of shadow …
Of yourself…
So I can cover myself
In your skin, breath and scent.

(by LiterAnART Copyright©2014 All rights reserved)

Letters on Rhythm

I`ve been in love with you for so long
I can`t even remember …
My footsteps climbing the skies
My mind reaching the fantasy
My heart collapsing into the Canyon.

I`ve been in love with you for so long
That I can`t even remember
The endless waiting
For the shore to be finally reached
For the harbor to remain still
For the seaman to write to the sea

I`ve been in love with you for so long
I can`t even remember
The seasons waving in the dark
The light walking through the stones

I`ve been in love with you for too long

(©LiterAnART 2014)

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