At the core of your being

Last night
I slept in the Danube`s belly…
The waves were ticklish
Like the touch of your hand on my melted skin.
The rocking gait of my ship was reflecting my being
In the mirror of an untouchable dreamland
Full of echoes put down from wish…
For your presence…
I felt like at the entrances of your being
Where I reside in safety and comfort
Where the journey and the harbor
Are co-existing in the same place…Home!

(©LiterAnART 2015)



Letters on Rhythm


… and … I adore you even more

With each morning that wakes me up

With each night that falls me asleep

With each verse that comes down

… at sunset … at sunrise.

(©Ana-Lucretia Nedelcu/LiterAnART 2015)



I look at the bottom of my senses
Where echoes are heard from within.
Underneath this ripple
I am dazzled by the flow
Of my imagination, my Inspiration
That are keep coming
Like oceans flooding the ordinary,
Like rainbows covering the naked,
Like fire burning the ice…
I am drowned in my own verse
Inspired by … you.


(©LiterAnART 2014)