Nature 2016_International anthology

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Luna iulie vine cu publicarea online a antologiei internationale “Nature 2016” – poezie si proza scurta. Sunt onorata ca in 2016 nu numai sa iau parte la aceasta a doua editie a publicatiei, ci si sa fiu partener oficial in proiect prin World Poetry Canada, alaturi de reprezentanti in domeniu din Portugalia (initiator), SUA si Spania.
Va invit sa parcurgeti intreaga carte si minunata proza scurta a Corinei Savu, alaturi de care reprezint Romania in acest proiect.
Lectura placuta!
Mai jos, una dintre poeziile dedicate naturii:
July comes with the publication of a new literary anthology dedicated to Nature – poetry & short story. I am honored to be part of it, not only as a writer, but also as an official partner. Countries involved: Portugal (initiator), US, Canada, Spain.
Thanks to whole team! Happy reading!
Here is one of my poems:


let us travel all over the hills
while smelling the fresh air
tasting the greens of the soils
singing the song of amazing nature…
rhyming on sound of the whistle…
our message to be sent far… away…
so far away to the ears of these gracious people…
do they understand the great heights
the bustle for their unmistakable

let me play you a song
a dedication to these vast lands
to the men and their portraiture
labouring for the good of nature

let me play you a song
from the backs of my stallion
he carries me all day long
and nights we sit tight between a frame…
on a hall of fame…a medallion…

nature is our home
and we are in love with this roam.




Nature`s Royalty

Nature`s beauty in all her splendor
gentleness and strength, His gallop defies
all surroundings, the hatred, the ugliness
are melting in the face of
his splendor, his eyes, his hair

Nature`s beauties…He`s one of them
the first of the wild creatures
to install the law of fairness
of attractiveness, the glamour & the glory
His brilliance, His brightness, His fineness
the thunderstorm that shivers all soils
when galloping His royal unique way
to open the universe…its doors
one of a kind…Nature`s beauties



His flight

At midnight
He meets the moon
Starts enchanting her
With tales of the universe…
He sits quietly
On a mountain peak
Savoring the chills
Of the stars
Shinning under their light
Shaming all of the scars

At midday
Breaks open his wings
For the whole world to see
How beautiful he is…
He softly waits
And foresees his prey
Like every Nature`s creatures
He balances the world
And its course
Enriching her beauties
With his predator eye…
Oh, how beautiful
Appears in his flight
In his ripeness!…
Marvelous creature
The blackness of the shades
The strength…the freedom
…and his flight…
Speaks of all serenades.



Creative Writing 10

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Daca doamnele mele de la curs deja au fost premiate, vine si certificarea pentru trainer
Multumesc World Poetry Canada & International pentru acest premiu si pentru onoarea de a-i reprezenta in Romania!
@ Anticaffe de Scriere Creativa 10 (Aprilie-Noiembrie 2016) ~ incursiune in scrierea creativa in 10 cursuri – de ce, ce si cum scriem?
Urmeaza manualul la care lucram deja asiduu


My certificate for Creative Writing 10 – a ten series workshop on why, what and how to write in different areas – poetry, prose, script, journalism.

Thank you World Poetry Canada & International for being a great partner! I am honored to represent them in Romania!

Creative writing 10 will publish this year a great writing manual, which is now a work in progress.




again and again…
I come back to that stunning picture
of you in all of your glory…
it`s like a page from your secret diary
a page offered to me as a gift…
the red spot thrills my senses
wakes them up
and sends them in the atmosphere
where my love resides
all over the universe
embracing you from afar…
the figure…the colors…the portrait…
the act of releasing passion over
the canvases of your inspiration…
all of that makes me jump over the hills
and gather you piece by piece
stamp you to my skin
and walk with you
all over the crowded streets…
the breath of my cheek on your back
the surprise…the embrace…the enjoyment…
everything and more
coming back from a memory lane
where only you exist…you
my one and only adorable man…
let me pour letters between your hairs
like petals of roses collected
at the core of my being
and offered to you
as a gift for your existence…
your presence into my life…
the divine…the magic…the bliss…


Acteurs de Rue

let`s clutter the streets with our
beautiful madness…you play I dance
people will join this crave of
being free and mesmerized by the
thrill of this misbehave…watch me
as I step on the sound15590573_913996312069231_376103435174952191_n
of your guitar…a black man,
talented charm and a white little
girl moving, dressed up in her
ethereal beauty…a perfect show…upon
these streets` glow and celebrating flow



how beautiful we both are
in our different hues
we breath in the fuse
of our encounter…
don`t let the world
inflict our souls
with racist commands
we are same people
`till the ends…
your eyes are sparkling
like the stars at dawn
look at me now…

15355648_902662133202649_6059606175359625196_n do you see the swan
dancing at the surface
of this lake

 like a ballerina
it`s no mistake
her feathers are like your
white beautiful skin
and mine is like a black diamond
you have just found
under the shivering yin
we are the children of light
innocent and naked
our thought has no fight
against anyone
who looks different
let`s teach the world
about the beauty
of each individual


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