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When it comes to book reviews, I always engage into a sort of writing trance about the literature that rocks my world one way or another, whether it is about a poetry book, a short stories volume or an endless novel.

And it seems that these days, time is filled with a kind of exotic literature that I am mostly keen on: the African literature.

A few days ago, I had the honor to be published in a worldwide journal coming from the bilingual Songsoptok Journal in India, among other 24 voices. Inside this publication, I represent the Romanian voice focused on an extremely interesting theme: “Back to the roots”.

I remember during college, I studied a significant part of a very dear to me type of literature – African-American literature. Among the most important figures I used to read and analyzed was Toni Morrison, an exceptional woman and a proverbial artist, after which famous screenings have been made. Although I wrote a 1st version of the review 10 years ago, now, in 2017, part of my critical analysis is published by a special bilingual diary (Bengali/English) in India. Therefore, the “reviews” category is “occupied” by my personal analysis of the novel “Sula” – the black community (you can read it here https://quarterlysongsoptok.blogspot.ro/2017/07/ana-lucretia-nedelcu.html).

On the 1st of January last year, I was also making a blog post dedicated to the African literature itself (here https://ananedelcu.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/a-readers-opinion-on-african-literature/), again engaging in a part of the worldwide literary creation that I really adore and often read. And not only because of my personal passion for the African culture, but also because this kind of ancient vibes offer an amazing variety of life lessons filled with wisdom and beauty.

Starting with the above analysis, this present review represents a continuation of last year`s foray into this section, it presents and it comments on the wonderful series of short stories written by a famous author and illustrator: Kingsley Nwabia. If in 2016 was about the Nigerian folktales and other stories 1st volume and one of the pocket books, The city that disappeared, today I want to present another wonderful wisdom “pill” that will certainly catch your interest. The Panda Pizza-Men it`s a short story, part of the “Paths to wisdom” series, that talks about success throughout entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Have you ever wanted to open a business but you lacked motivation or purpose? Have you ever encountered difficulties in becoming an entrepreneur but you didn’t know why? Then this book may offer you some answers. What is it about this book that makes it so great? Just like the other ones from the series, each of them is a textbook and most certainly a guide itself into several important aspects of our lives and existence. These little books offer everyone, from the kids up to the grown-ups instructions on why and how things happen.41na2vrA9gL._SY346_

The Panda Pizza-Men is about Bob, a guy in struggle and left with no motivation after he had had difficult times in finding success in his different initiatives and proceeds. While his thoughts were bound to renounce, he finds himself in the middle of a special encounter, a chance for him to understand the meaning of real success. The opportunity comes from the owner of a special pizza parlour and the results give him a fresh new start along with a new visionary thinking.

The wonderful aspect is that these precious pocket books are imperishable and universally valid, being filled with ancient and immortal wisdom.

The Panda Pizza-Men isn`t only about an average entrepreneur, but about a social entrepreneur, the business of the future: how can we make profit by believing, promoting and supporting a social cause?

In less than 30 pages, here we have a lesson on what entrepreneurship means and how we can find success into this venture. Not only that the book creates a magical world in which you can find yourself as a reader, absolutely fascinated about the language used, the atmosphere created and the wonderful illustrations of the author, but it also gives you answers and the power to start up.

While reading the book, you most certainly discover an amazing writer coming from the heart of Africa to teach you things you may never heard of.

For the entire series of his books, but also of his full artistic pieces, you can access Kingsley Nwabia`s official website here http://www.kaizarts.com/books/

Also, try a free sample for kindle here https://www.amazon.com/PANDA-PIZZA-Paths-Wisdom-Book-ebook/dp/B01JSKUSBS/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1500585186&sr=8-23&keywords=the+panda+pizza+men

Happy reading! 🙂



A reader`s opinion on African literature

As I am particularly interested in the African culture and multicultural dialogue, I had the honor to read two of this African author books, Nigerian folktales and other stories – 1st volume and one of the pocket books, The city that disappeared.

Personally I was impressed, first, by the way the writer puts down such wonderful happenings, not only that the traditional Nigerian stories are basically so catchy, but the personal way in which the stories are enriched by the author’s special way of writing. Both adults and children are committed to his writings once they get a book into their hands, and the same happened to me and to some children I personally read to from it, among them, my little brother. 12310438_10207113993584734_162836835624014075_n

Secondly, the fascination for letters comes from the wisdom of his Nigerian culture which actually reminds us that each nation has its own folktales that represent the germ of any wise proverb you can think of; it is a universal language. But having his books in your library it’s like a knowledge just achieved and not by the common theorization, but by developing your own imaginary world from which you can learn what life represents. Not to mention the characters who are so well defined, funny but wise at the same time.

The second book I could carefully read was The city that disappeared. I was even more excited of this one, as I personally stand for the social activism that I consider to be part of our obligations and rights as citizens. Therefore, the book points out a delicate social topic: the environmental issue. I truly believe that this tremendous little book is like the Bible of the environment, a manual for all ages in showing how to preserve nature, how to remain in good and balanced relationship with it. The story shows that the ultimate disaster could happen if we don’t think twice before acting against the environment.

Is not a common thing that this book is a pocket book; it really invites you to take in the simpler way path to wisdom by raising awareness about what is happening around you. I would perfectly use it in the context of any teacher’s manual in the classroom. Such example is definitely worth spread around, is definitely worth talking about in our educational system!

I recommend the fabulous Nigerian books that are an example of great talent, tradition based, wisdom, lots of knowledge and social awareness!
Congratulations to the author and best of luck!

You can look up for the artist & all his work here http://v2.kaizarts.com/

(©Ana-Lucretia Nedelcu/LiterAnART 2016)