how beautiful we both are
in our different hues
we breath in the fuse
of our encounter…
don`t let the world
inflict our souls
with racist commands
we are same people
`till the ends…
your eyes are sparkling
like the stars at dawn
look at me now…

15355648_902662133202649_6059606175359625196_n do you see the swan
dancing at the surface
of this lake

 like a ballerina
it`s no mistake
her feathers are like your
white beautiful skin
and mine is like a black diamond
you have just found
under the shivering yin
we are the children of light
innocent and naked
our thought has no fight
against anyone
who looks different
let`s teach the world
about the beauty
of each individual



Empire State of You

Days aren`t enoughpoem no. 2

For the amount of love

Poured from the sky,

Bathing my body in emeralds

And red stars…

Color of passion.

Crowns of fire

Open the gates of unwounded souls…

Can`t you see the amount

Of love I have been preparing

For decades at camp fire

Under full moon,

On the road of the existence?

You beg for love

But you are running away from it.

You are eternally hiding under your shell.

You can`t break the stone

If you do not build a door…

So, build a door and unlock the cave

Of an eternal ‘’coeur’’!

Can`t you feel how much I love you?

Poetry hidden behind closed windows…

Do you want me to draw you the lock

And spell fire

So it can melt?

Do you want to feel the burning

Of king`s thrown?

I miss you day and night

Where days are too short

For this amount of desire

And nights are even shorter

Without the touch

Of your Empire.

©LiterAnART@trio http://ourpoetryarchive.blogspot.ro/2016/03/ana-nedelcu.html

Full Moon

Every night

I stumble upon the size of the moon…P1170793
It`s full and I always run into it.
My feet are foolishly mumbling in
Its enormous shadow.

Every day

I stumble in its verse,
In its remains of the day
I raise my hand so I can touch her…grab her…
And night comes again
And my moon becomes even more…
Whispering letters of desire and peacefulness
Comfort and homey stories.

My moon is alive and full
Just like…your lips I adore so much…
While exploring the verses of her curves…
I slowly become a full moon myself
In front of her exhausting hopeless romanticism.

…The taste of your lips is whispering a story…our fairy tale
That only we understand…
Its meaning…
Its scent…
Its journey.


My song 4 you

letters of sound12239500_989943947714075_8756725481272867186_n
are poured on this paper
I started to write songs
for you, my dear…
tempted by the heart
that keeps beating so fast
so strong as I think
of our dearly past
memories I cherish
in my soul`s cage
like you were a treasure
on most beautiful stage
of our existence…so strange…
my violin sings on its own
I say
forever more it will celebrate
the day
you came into my life
and hung it to a star
lucky star in heavens
I thought you were
when seeing you as treasures
in a journal paper…
then I knew you were the one…
who`s gonna play my violin
forever in this life
and from within…

(LiterAnART/11-11-2015©All rights reserved)


MUSEI adore you
In all your stage roles –
Family treasure
Intimate lover
Friend indeed
Romantic creature
Pretentious Master
Foolish beloved
Wise writer
Rebellious singer
Passionate artist
Wild forest
Enchanting explorer

Your roles posses my being
They climb my curves
They vanish my doubts
They cloud my sorrows
They celebrate my existence
I` m possessed
by the power of art itself
my art…my muse
by the power of flow
by the glow of energy
by an enchanting figure
…my muse and her stage performances…
She is writing my verses
Crafting my adorns
Drawing my paper abstracts

I found my muse at distance
And yet…so close
To my soul
I found my muse…it`s you!

(LiterAnART/08-11-2015©All rights reserved)

My soul rests

My soul rests at your feet
Where our memories are an untamed
river of arts
My soul rests at your brush
from where I do not create poetry
but I recreate you.
My soul rests in your stories
from where I`m erasing
my longing for youAna Nedelcu-photo for the poem ''MY SOUL RESTS''
by transferring it into my verse
when having you not
on my sight.
Lord of my extravagant feelings,
adored in waters
and worshiped in frozen half!
Half you are being extracted
from my own utopian heaven
written in your arts.
Let me be…again and again
your art in madness
and you…
be the lord of my creation
be the poet of my letters
and the figure of my paradise!

(Copyright©October 2015 All rights reserved LiterAnART@

Magazine Issue

Dare me

Lead me not there…P1180719
In adoring you this much
`Cause you might be losing me
In the strength of your waves…
Would you take the risk?
Save me from your incense
For it takes me
Far from this dimension
From where I cannot breath
Nor survive of any cure.
Before it`s too late…
Take me close to your heart instead
I mean… let me thumb your heart
Feel its pulsation between my fingers
Then permit me to steal it from you
While journeying around on my way
To the universe…
Your heart in my pocket…
Lovely lucky diamond…
But then…
Indulge me in your spirit
Consume me in your words
Whispered in my ear…
Do not push your heart before you
Put yourself in front
Package yourself in joy
And arrow yourself with my arch
By your heart and by my side…

(Copyright©October 2015 All rights reserved LiterAnART)

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