Apel contributii antologie literara~termen prelungit!



Pentru doritorii care si-au exprimat regretul ca nu au timp sa trimita materiale, am prelungit termenul – 15 decembrie 2015!
Va asteptam!



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My song 4 you

letters of sound12239500_989943947714075_8756725481272867186_n
are poured on this paper
I started to write songs
for you, my dear…
tempted by the heart
that keeps beating so fast
so strong as I think
of our dearly past
memories I cherish
in my soul`s cage
like you were a treasure
on most beautiful stage
of our existence…so strange…
my violin sings on its own
I say
forever more it will celebrate
the day
you came into my life
and hung it to a star
lucky star in heavens
I thought you were
when seeing you as treasures
in a journal paper…
then I knew you were the one…
who`s gonna play my violin
forever in this life
and from within…

(LiterAnART/11-11-2015©All rights reserved)


MUSEI adore you
In all your stage roles –
Family treasure
Intimate lover
Friend indeed
Romantic creature
Pretentious Master
Foolish beloved
Wise writer
Rebellious singer
Passionate artist
Wild forest
Enchanting explorer

Your roles posses my being
They climb my curves
They vanish my doubts
They cloud my sorrows
They celebrate my existence
I` m possessed
by the power of art itself
my art…my muse
by the power of flow
by the glow of energy
by an enchanting figure
…my muse and her stage performances…
She is writing my verses
Crafting my adorns
Drawing my paper abstracts

I found my muse at distance
And yet…so close
To my soul
I found my muse…it`s you!

(LiterAnART/08-11-2015©All rights reserved)


556927_4563646565725_43972769_n - Copyamprenta ta
intr-un social decazut
nu ezita sa ceri
un suflet neumplut
de vorbe infame
in amurg posomorat
nu lasa in van
sa bata vantul tacut
ci striga-l pe culmi
in amprente mii
sa iasa din case
suflete pustii
sa arda vapaia
din suflet in camp
in panze sa se incurce
acele flamande
palme zamislind
un nou pustiind
acum chinuind
noul debutand
pe culmi asteptand…

(LiterAnART/05-11-2015©All rights reserved)

Image REtreat

smile to my childish sad eyes
breath to my heavy soul
go slowly
while reading me a story
of our own…
remember my presence
in all of your steps
I love you for real
no matter the gaps…
I`m lying next to a book
that`s shelter to my head
it`s what I call YOU
in all of the verses instead
don`t ever leave me behind
if you carry love to my existence
care me in silence
don`t ever play resistance…

12187845_10205587609674966_2125632170798543343_n over and over I write about you
to my universe that is ”you”
don`t even know
if I`m still dreaming
if you are real and me
if I`m leading
this story where it belongs
tell me, darling, am I really crazy
is my imagination wrong?
tell me the truth,
do not leave me in despair
for you are my man,
my love, my affair…
smile at me right,
breath all my air
go slowly to my chest
and cherish me fair

(LiterAnART/06-11-2015©All rights reserved)

Vifor dulce

Aṣ vrea să ştiu de ce cobori P1190169
În jos pe ritm de lună
Prea încet păşeşti, drag dor
Suspendat te laşi în cumpănă.
Ce vifor dulce
Cântu-ţi aduce
În valuri ṣi adieri de rouă…
În lanurile inimii tresar
Şi mii de cânturi plouă.
Mi-e dor de glasul tău suav
De dulcele trăsnet în zori
Clădindu-ţi pe vârfuri
Amaruri şi plânset
În ropotul vieţii vifor.

(LiterAnART/08-11-2015©All rights reserved)